• Toronto Souvenir

    This project explores the role memory plays in photography and history. In particular it is about revisiting sites of memory within the city of Toronto, which contain little or no visible traces of their public and private significance. Utilizing libraries and archives as well as surveying regional historical societies, the project attracted a variety of stories that warranted inclusion and perpetuation in Toronto’s living memory. The stories range from early aviation history, the trauma of Hurricane Hazel, the marginalized history of women in the war effort, and other site specific memories. By photographing these sites and re-presenting them along with their hidden histories, this project intends to provoke dialogue about the in/tangible place of memories and their relationship to photography and storytelling.

    Using the postcard as a vehicle, this project also intends to be distributed and absorbed into the personal archives of the audience. The souvenir postcards reproduced from the photographs are intended to activate the possessor’s faculty of memory along with their individual and cultural internal narratives at a later point in time in the ritual of remembering and storytelling. Toronto Souvenir encourages a deeper exploration of place, beyond the visible landscape into the living memories of the people and their landscapes of memory.