• This is not Here

    This body of work is the beginning of an ongoing interest I have in documenting public spaces and their contents.  I am fascinated by the urban landscape and the remnants left behind by its inhabitants. The old and new objects created by its people, and the places that bring them together. Using photography, I am beginning to develop a way to speak about the interaction between these elements, the individuals who have created them, and how it might relate to the urban culture. The settings for my images have been the streets, and public spaces of the city. The storefronts, back alleys, public libraries and school playgrounds. Much of what I photograph are representations from the urban environment such as; painted murals of natural settings on the sides of buildings, stenciled graffiti of wildlife on construction boarding, or even the reflections of clouds in storefront windows. Through the creation and arrangement of this material I have begun to explore the possibilities of visually expressing the illusive relationships between reality and representation, while documenting the artifacts of individual and cultural identity. My photographs invite the viewer to interpret the physically constructed world as a tactile means of exploration through the often elusive, and intangible states of human awareness. For me, the act of photographing is an intuitive process; one through which I make sense of my experiences, giving them meaning and form.  The photographs become devices for ideas and feelings to be simultaneously embodied, and expressed through the juxtaposition of the fragmented environments of the city. - 2004